The Playful Past

Rati Girish

History lessons can be quite fun

Travellers on Trial

Why it’s an unequal movement

Past Continuous

Of incomplete lives and eternal love

‘Theatre Is Questions. Theatre Is Debate’

In his memoir actor and director MK Raina recounts using theatre to heal

The Liar Who Told the Truth

Steve Coll’s new book shows how mutual misunderstandings led to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and its catastrophic aftermath

Mad with Love

An ancient romance as a spiritual allegory

The Mythic Meets the Mundane

A Sri Lankan novel is a top contender for the world’s leading science-fiction prize

The Fellowship of Four Friends

The freedom movement told through human connections

A Serial Survivor

The trials and triumphs of Ram Vilas Paswan

The Gifts of Gieve

A portrait of Gieve Patel as an interpreter of the modern metropolis


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