What’s in a Name?

Madhulika Liddle

Identities are interchangeable in Malayalam author Benyamin’s new short stories

Literary Baroque

Reading Martin Amis (1949-2023) between the novelist and the critic

Sense and Sensuality

A feminist translation of an ancient Tamil text about love and longing

Parini Shroff: The Queen’s Gambit

Parini Shroff’s debut novel is packed with useless husbands and spunky women. The author speaks about bringing comedy and tragedy together in an Indian village

Monkey Business

A dream-like sequence, set around two boys, of the history of Bangladesh

The Soft and Hard City

A photographer’s personal journey charts Hyderabad’s trajectory

Leave Agatha Christie Alone

To censor books is to overlook the social contexts they were set in

A Dragon in the Garden

When people encounter the unknown

A Passage to India

The diplomatic manoeuvrings behind the East India Company


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