The French Connection

Urvashi Bahuguna

Ira Mukhoty uses alternative histories in her portrait of Awadh. She tells how the old Western point of view has become dated

Spittle Parable

A satire set around a paan shop in colonial India

India International

The country’s diplomatic history through its early recruits

Poetic Licence

What is lost in Vikram Seth’s wonderful translation of Hanuman Chalisa is bhakti

‘Writing is a bad habit of mine. I have never stopped,’ says Anita Desai

Anita Desai returns after more than a decade with the story of a young woman in Mexico. She speaks about why writers are outsiders

How India Lost the Case on Tibet

How India Lost the Case on Tibet: Nehru ignored red flags, misread communist China and the implications for India’s security

Love in the Lost City

A historian’s first novel is a romance set in 1857

Hitler Was Not Inevitable

A still relevant lesson on how to destroy democracy through democratic process

Portraits of Poverty

In a new book for children Esther Duflo shows what it means to be poor. The Nobel laureate and the book’s illustrator speak to

Call of the Spirits

Oral folklore and ritualistic traditions of Tulu Nadu


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