Leading Ladies

Shikha Kumar

Exploring human emotions and modern technology

The Wrong Girl

The Neapolitan magic is missing in the new Elena Ferrante

Palace Intrigue

A bird’s eye view of the march of Rajputana from feudalism to independence to controversies

The Essential Hero

Amish’s dance with valour, religion and patriotism

The Aura of Absence

A photographer captures the sorrows and stillness of a city under lockdown

Natural Instinct

Wonder-filled dispatches from the wild

Beyond the Glass Ceiling

Isher Judge Ahluwalia’s memoir chronicles a life less ordinary

The Nuts and Bolts of History

A timely examination of the microfoundations of big political events

Love Remains

A husband’s photo diary of his wife’s private and final moments makes the personal universal

Why Is the Giraffe’s Neck So Long?

The big and small questions of the natural world


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