Amitav Ghosh: The Forecaster

Nandini Nair

Amitav Ghosh’s new book is a parable for a planet in crisis. He speaks to Nandini Nair about the cruelties of colonialism and the violent trajectory of the nutmeg

Dharmocracy: Hindutva and Democracy

Deen Dayal Upadhyay gave democracy an indigenous foundation

Floral Folios

A cultural canvas for Indian plants

Destiny’s Doctors

Stories of six pioneering women

Kalki Koechlin: Dragon Queen

Kalki Koechlin’s mommy memoir is like her: candid, creative and full of truths that the merchants of bliss don’t reveal

The Quiet Patriotism of Ravi Varma

Funded by maharajahs, admired by moderates while also welcoming the extremist vision, in his domain, the artist manifested a nationalism of his own

The Anatomy of Outrage

Short stories etched in blood and honesty

Capital Cabal

A portrait of class dynamics and social change in Delhi

A Reluctance to Forget

Tishani Doshi’s poems slice through recent political and social events


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