Grooving Granny

Rati Girish

Stories for young readers, from grandparents who audition for dance shows to a scatological mystery in an apartment block

Jamyang Norbu: Memory Keeper

Jamyang Norbu’s new book is part memoir and part history of modern Tibet. The former guerrilla speaks about how he got swept into the resistance movement, offending the Dalai Lama, and the challenges of telling the truth

Paths of the Psychopath

Three thrillers reveal the emotional cost of coping with killers

Tasting Time

Understanding India through its food and drink

Fantastical Futures

Short stories where reality is delivered with many a twist

How to Sell a Book

The mechanics of marketing that separate a literary darling from a literary nobody

Power Portraits

Neerja Chowdhury reveals the inner workings of six Indian prime ministers

Heart, Humour and Horror

When the killer is unveiled through a slow unveiling of emotions

Mayhem in the Metropolis

An elegy to a Mumbai destroyed by greed and cynicism

Many Indias

From the early masters to contemporary stars


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