A Nationalist before Nationalism

Siddharth Singh

The political evolution of Dadabhai Naoroji

The Bright Spark

Megha Majumdar’s debut novel, about a terrorist attack, deals with the big questions of contemporary India with a light hand

In Conversation with Lawrence Wright

‘If you can go to a protest, why can’t you go to a football game, why can’t you go to a political convention?,’ Lawrence Wright tells Nandini Nair

Garden Variety Crimes

Reading Agatha Christie and other gardening pleasures

Gibberish Galore

The enduring pleasures of nonsense stories and verse

JK Rowling: Woke Target

The Harry Potter author is being accused of transphobia for not being sufficiently gender neutral

A Poet’s Prose

Dom Moraes’ travelogue is delicious piece of literary journalism from the 1950s

Capital Noir

Delhi stories where the boundaries between pleasure and violence are disturbingly blurred

Loyalty and Longing

An immigrant’s tale in London raises ethical questions

The Future is Now

Samit Basu’s dystopian novel cleverly blurs the line between fact and fiction


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