Going Mainstream

Trisha Gupta

How translation from Indian languages to English is giving regional literature a dedicated new readership, turning linguistic rivals into potential allies

Comic Strip Conscience

A new band of superheroes mixes adventure with social compassion

Embarrassed by the Empire

Ferdinand Mount’s view of colonialism may be short on historical insight but the story he tells is riveting

The Island of the Day Before

This book on Sri Lanka makes a plea for reconciliation and debunks many stereotypes

Kalidas, in the rain

A memorial to Hindi’s first modern play and theatre event, pitting poetry against patronage

The guardian angel

The dream world of a landowner soars through the ravages of the Great Bengal Famine in this novel

Eat or be eaten

This debut about omnisexual werewolves is a lyrical new member of the sparse Indian fantasy writers club

Atmospheric Embroidery

A preview of poet Meena Alexander’s new collection of poetry, out this June

A Tough Compromiser

The author of The Tin Drum changed the art of the novel. And his politics was consistently problematic

A Hole in the Earth

The emotional balance sheet of a poet proves that nothing is ever forgotten in the end


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