Akshay Kumar

Twist in Bhandarkar’s Tale

Rajeev Masand

Twist in Bhandarkar’s Tale • Silly Revenge • Getting in the Director’s Hair


An infantile search for little green men turns this film into a joke

Rowdy Rathore

When a film’s reference point is bad cinema, you end up with a noxious cipher like this one

Race to Repentance

Race to Repentance • Jodi Breakers • Who’s the Loser Here?

No Concessions for Friends

No Concessions for Friends • Much Too Media Shy • Enemies Turned Lovebirds

Patiala House

With its formulaic perspective and wishy-washy characters drawn from British sitcoms, this is no Bend It Like Beckham. Or even close

The Big Fallout with IIFA

The Big Fallout with IIFA • The Rs 27 crore Flop Master • Not in Seventh Heaven

Caught Red-handed

Caught Red-handed • The Opposite of a Midas Touch • I’m Darker than That!

Khatta Meetha

It is a treatise on corruption that is neither funny nor tragic, nor even moral.

Sick and Tired of Song and Dance

Moviemakers are blowing up money on stuff that gives me a headache.


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