Congress 2022

War Dance in the Puppet Kingdom

23 Sep, 2022 - 30 Sep, 2022
Vol 14 | Issue 40


The Mythmaker’s Last War

S Prasannarajan

Putin is not an accidental autocrat and a historian explains why

Rewarding Betrayal

Virendra Kapoor

The Gandhis have eggs on their faces, while the Rajasthan chief minister holds all the cards

Misplaced Nostalgia

Minhaz Merchant

The Commonwealth has little value for India

Out of the Veil in Iran

Deepika Saraswat

Iran’s youth have been reeling under an economy marred by decades of US sanctions, corruption and the pandemic. The attempts to tighten the noose on social freedoms and the state’s heavy-handedness have therefore invited an almost instant and massive pushback

Cheating and Consequences

Madhavankutty Pillai

As seen in the controversy roiling the chess world

Anil Chauhan: A Thinking Soldier

Rajeev Deshpande

The new CDS will have to deliver on military reforms

The Moonlighting Conundrum

Makarand R Paranjape

Is it an impulse of talent or a lack of work ethic?

Shivraj Singh Chouhan: In and Out


The BJP leadership has had its way and will continue to call the shots when it comes to the party

Hinduism is forging a new unity around its history of persecution

Amit Majmudar

The sense of a beginning

Congress 2022: War Dance in the Puppet Kingdom

MJ Akbar

Congress wants a regent, a placeholder for Rahul Gandhi. But who can combine political sagacity with a saintly heart? Ashok Gehlot, the loyal one, has weakened Sonia Gandhi at a vulnerable moment. If she relents, the aura of command gets blown apart. Congress has become a puzzled jigsaw rather than a jigsaw puzzle, a combination of small cardboard pieces that no longer add up to a coherent picture

BR Ambedkar: Flawed Genius

Shashi Tharoor

In a new biography of Ambedkar, Shashi Tharoor gets a measure of the constitutionalist and nation-builder, contending that an honest survey of Ambedkar’s life and its impact needs to also look at those faults for which he can be legitimately criticised without taking away from his greatness

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Vol 14 | Issue 40

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