Cover Stories

The Permanence of Change

Rajeev Deshpande

It is not just the replacement of a Lutyens-era building but a recasting of India’s political vision

The House Modi Built

The new parliament connects the seat of Indian democracy with the country’s ancient traditions

A Whiff of Mandal

The Opposition’s demand for a caste-based census is a desperate gambit to splinter Modi’s Hindu constituency

A Preface to the Future

Minority appeasement has paid off but how far will Congress go?

The Price of Populism

Congress’ five social guarantees can jeopardise the state’s fiscal health

Breaking the Deadlock

How the leadership brawl between Karnataka’s two tallest Congress leaders ended in Siddaramaiah’s favour

How BJP Missed and Congress Scored

There are lessons from Karnataka for both parties ahead of the 2024 General Election

String Hopping In Thanjavur

Tracing the musical notes in veena country

Citadel In the Sky

Debashree Majumdar climbs up the cloud forest of the Andes to marvel at the Incas’ architectural mysteries written all over Machu Picchu

The Cultural Traveller

An awareness of history and a sense of curiosity enrich journeys and make every destination come alive


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