Cover Stories

Inside the Libido Industry

Lhendup G Bhutia

The market for male sexual wellness in India is booming with a number of new businesses launching products that make a taboo subject mainstream

Market Manna

PSU stocks have seen an extraordinary boom of late as a result of reforms that began in 2014 and the government’s vast capital expenditure to bolster them

Mass Capital

How Narendra Modi has made PSUs lucrative

The Foundational Error

The power balance in Pakistan is poised on a fragile axis. Sharif, Zardari and Khan constitute a lopsided triangle. All three are high-stakes gamblers in the no-limits political casino. The croupier-owner is the army. All three know that this is their last throw of dice

Can Anyone Stop Him?

Donald Trump is the favourite to win America’s looming presidential election

Harnessing the Sun

A new rooftop solar scheme is expected to offer consumer incentives and put an end to populism

Powered by Modi’s Guarantee

Budget 2024 The Interim Budget avoids populism and expansive announcements but banks on the government’s record and its confidence about winning the general election

The Prologue to July

The Finance Minister underscores the economics behind the Modi government’s faith in itself as it pursues welfare measures and infrastructure development with only a nominal increase in expenditure

God’s Politician

Modi’s reclamation of all things Hindu was part of a larger project of deconditioning and decolonisation

Unity In Divinity

A dispatch from the streets of the holy city


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