Cover Stories

The War India Can Win

Maroof Raza

The PLA looks impressive in ceremonial parades, but unlike the Indian Army it has no battlefield experience

How to Contain Xi’s Expansionism

If Xi Jinping stays on his present path, open conflict with the West, and with India and Japan, will become inevitable

Why Did the Government Relent?

The threat posed by identity politics to India’s toughest economic reform appears to have influenced the government in taking a decision in the national interest

The EVolution

Global trends, new players, governmental push and mindset change are driving the sales of electric vehicles in India

The Khorasan Bug

The dismantling of an Islamic state module in Kashmir reveals how its handlers were planning to integrate recruitment across the Indian Subcontinent

Brand, Baaja and Baaraat

What really matters is the passion quotient

You Can’t Go Wrong with IPL

India’s biggest sport brand is set to get bigger and better

Morel Value

Look who’s investing in luxury mushroom

The View from the Summit

The dividends of beauty, family, friendship and 25 years of life in the hills

A Paper Trail

Unravelling the history of Indian currency with Rezwan Razack at his museum in Bengaluru


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