Cover Stories

Grass Roots

Madhavankutty Pillai

Marijuana was not considered a social evil in the past and its return to respectability is inevitable in India

The Mental Siege

India’s response to Covid-19 is defined by the pandemic’s beginning when it was thought to be far deadlier and alien

Enter the Unregistered Opposition

As the Congress vacates the space of an active opposition with a counter-argument, civil society activists and other professional dissenters rush in to fill the vacuum

Gandhis Win, Congress Loses

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi can have the satisfaction of a Pyrrhic victory. The party has formally reaffirmed their leadership, but it is seen as completely out of sync with the times

Tradition and Morbidity

Rebels for a day, and virtual renegades in a schmaltzy spectacle of piety and panegyrics in the next day’s headlines, the dissenting Congress leaders retreated without the humiliation of a recantation. Some mercy.

Dhoni Chic

The cricket story began in Ranchi but the cultural phenomenon became Pan-Indian

Captain India

It is the second most important job in the country and only the few able to withstand its pressures leave a legacy


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