Cover Stories

A Future for History

Madhavankutty Pillai

The digital museum of epigraphy will make the past interesting and accessible to everyone

Class Apart

With an equal emphasis on health and education, the government has put cash and much more in consumers’ hands

Painting the Rainbow

A 360-degree vision with a promise of sweeping changes in the rural economy and beyond

Betting on Growth

There’s a clear shift in the balance between empowerment and entitlement in favour of the former with a commensurate increase in capital expenditure

Critical Success

A sound policy template enabled the Indian economy’s speedy recovery from the pandemic

Green and Global

Behind the themes of digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation, Budget 2023 seeks to pump-prime the economy with autonomous investment and consumption demand, thereby increasing incomes

The Doctrine of Indifference

Narendra Modi has formulated a cogent policy towards Pakistan: ignore the state and punish the rogue terrorist

Joshimath: Once Upon a Town

When the earth cracked open to reveal the inevitability of a Himalayan blunder


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