Cover Stories

In the Mad Waters of Kashmir

Rahul Pandita

A dispatch from the Valley

Rahul’s War On the Congress

Now that Rahul Gandhi has walked away, the Congress’ karmic decrepitude has cast its dysfunctional spell on its leaders.

How the Congress Lost the War of Ideas

Rahul Gandhi did not have a counter-argument in the face of force Modi

Tinkered, Not Tailored

Start-ups are enthused by Budget recommendations, but want more concrete steps to help them grow at a faster clip

The Soil Economy

The Finance Minister says the solution to India’s agricultural system is Zero Budget Natural Farming. Is it possible?

Borrowed Boom

Overcoming the inhibitions of the marketplace

Of Mahua Moitra and Plagiarism

Truth in the time of narrative wars

The Power of the Familiar

The central message of the Budget is unspectacular but very important.

Populist? No

Don’t underestimate an understatement

The Rural Fetish

Throwing money at rural India without redistributing its excess population is worthless populism


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