Virendra Kapoor

From paan shop to boardroom, money concentrates the mind

The Editor of Ideas

Remembering Dileep Padgaonkar (1944-2016)

Mumbai Fable

The good that would come from not being the economic capital of India

The 311 Problem

The bureaucracy can’t be left out in the war on black money

Open Diary

The ingenuity of money launderers, a bet won, and some observations


When Arun Jaitley and Ahmed Patel are in the Central Hall of Parliament

Post-Politics to Post-Truth

It was only a question of time--or Trump--for rumours about the demise of politics to be confirmed

Demonetisation: Two Weeks Notice

The real test for demonetisation’s popularity will be in December, when it’s time for salaries

Seeking Bollywood in Brazil

Indian soft power has to travel beyond familiar shores

Reversing the Gaze

India needs a non-JNU—but not based in Delhi please


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