The Beauty of Indic Thought

Ram Madhav

A profound quest for eternal bliss that is yet to take its rightful place in the world

Populism and Storytelling

Why Modi is still compelling

Open Diary

The trouble with trade talks, European attitudes towards the Modi dispensation, Christmas as a food festival and the rise of rightwing intellectual spaces

Santa’s Deer

Only a step away from being endangered

What Does the Name Rama Mean to You?

The various divinities of Lord Rama

Protection is Not Pleasure

On the reaction to condom ads being banned on television from 6 am to 10 pm

Mumbai Notebook

A tribute to Shashi Kapoor


The low Rajya Sabha attendance of celebrities and the sad case of a forgotten grandfather

Wrestling Pedigree

When Triple H reached the edge of the ring, grown men with weak knees hoisted children of all sizes and combusted into raptures. For, any second now, Triple H was going to spit a mouthful of water on them


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