Can Trump Be Dumped?

James Astill

On the first anniversary of his presidency, speculation about the state of Donald Trump’s mental health is leading to some wishful thinking about the chances of removing him

The National Anthem Imbroglio

On a not-so-pressing issue gradually acquiring surreal proportions

Open Diary

A Rajya Sabha speech that wasn't made, the festive spirit, and the world's best mango chutney

The Ayahuasca Story

The new-found miraculous medicine

Historical Wrongs and the Present

Dalit assertion is no excuse for violence against neutral parties

The Beauty of the Indian Winter

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes

Mumbai Notebook

Fire safety as an afterthought


Birthday gifts for Arun Jaitley and googlies for Amit Shah

Indebted to Pleasure

We now break more food boundaries for the pure joy of it


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