An Epic Finale

Arshia Sattar

Bibek Debroy concludes his Mahabharata series with a cosmic flourish

News from Babel

The art of translation and the tragedy of Indian literature

The Elusive Tagore

Searching for the poet’s genius amid the mediocrity of his English translations

Couplet Omlette

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s translations of Kabir, with a generous dose of American slang, are awkward at times. But the remix experiment is worth the risk of failure

The Mahabharat Retranslated

When a renowned free market economist takes to translating an entire epic from the original classical Sanskrit, his passion can only be marvelled at.

Adventures of Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Translating epics like Hoshruba, etching graphic novels and the Urdu Project. Farooqi has a lot on his plate and he’s loving it

Don Quixote Gallops to Bengal

A professor tilts his pen at libraries here and abroad to put back on the shelf a contemporary version of a Spanish classic in Bengali


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