Gagandeep Singh Sapra

This set’s inwardly curved screen offers a unique immersive viewing experience

Cracker Trail Gone Damp

Anil Kapoor’s 24 is a hot show on TV that is leaving viewers cold

Zombies United

Pirated feeds, Toyota commercials in Arabic, long distance calls to Dad. The challenges and joys of watching the NBA Finals and other American sports in India

The Big Fat TV Wedding

India’s first 24-hour matrimonial channel is set for launch

The Happy Quitter

Kai Po Che star Sushant Singh Rajput dropped out of his engineering course and a successful theatre and television career to boot, and even has a back-up plan to run a canteen in Film City in case cinema begins to bore him

Rudeness Pays

How anyone can make a career in television just by being a jerk

Who’s That Girl?

American TV’s ‘new girl’ is half-Indian, proud of it, and strives to make herself ethnically ambiguous

Bose Video Wave 2

It’s bigger than the first Wave and better because, in the tech world, newer is better

Samsung Smart TV ES8000

Is this the ‘future of television’? Well, it’s certainly quite an experience

TV Music Show Producer

“Pop music was a rage in the 90s but eventually became monotonous and died out. Indie music is doing the rounds now”


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