The Changing Face of Media

Amit Khanna

In a society where multiple media are consumed simultaneously, traditional media are being forced to adapt

The Originals

Films and series that defied the received wisdom of storytelling

Sex and the TV

Why streaming services in India will not be able to escape the censorship net

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

India’s most imagined underworld gets world-class treatment in a Netflix drama

What Homebodies Watch: Net Fix

The direct delivery of entertainment to handsets already has the numbers to reshape Indian TV and cinema

Protection is Not Pleasure

On the reaction to condom ads being banned on television from 6 am to 10 pm

The Joy of Post-Truth Advertising

And the code that winning brands have cracked

The Winner Takes All…the Risks

That thing about Rs 16,000-crore auctions

Sandhya Mridul: Role Model

Sandhya Mridul breaks out of the television trap with a powerful performance

TV Tomorrow

What does Indian television say about the challenges of change?


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