Myth versus Reality

Nanditha Krishna

Instead of searching for truths in myths, it would be easier if we appreciated the scientific achievements of ancient Indians

Being Human in the Second Wave of Enlightenment

Maybe it doesn’t take a trend, a sweeping narrative of doom, to diminish humanism. An Asifa or a Masa will do

The Genetic History of Indians: Are We What We Think We Are?

Fresh research on the genetic history of Indians revives the Aryan migration theory

Forever Frankenstein

Two hundred years after Mary Shelly’s monster, man still plays god

Beware the Robotic Empire

China takes a great leap in Artificial Intelligence

A Question of Tendency

Why the outrage over Sri Sri’s advice to a homosexual student is an overreaction

Be a Case Study on a Plate

My diet is now curated by science—and I’m happy


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