Pious Frauds?

Rajeev Srinivasan

How credentialled elites distort science

Dead Ends and Blind Alleys

SD Tucker chronicles the strangest scientific experiments from the wreckage of history

The Novel Virus

Lawrence Wright’s new thriller shows with chilling prescience how the world will reckon with a pandemic

The Gods that Failed

Science and technology in the time of coronavirus

Scientist as Socialist

Samanth Subramanian portrays the many lives of JBS Haldane to perfection

Vivekananda: The Double Helix

No one else combined the inter-faith and the science-religion dialogues as Vivekananda did

Runs in the Family

A collaborative photo book looks at an immigrant scientist’s images through his son’s eyes

Joint Ventures

The many threads of DNA’s history

The Carrier As the Cure

Can genetically modified and biologically tweaked mosquitoes eradicate dengue and malaria in India?


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