Consciousness: The Elusive Entity

Keerthik Sasidharan

Science, metaphysics and the problem of defining consciousness

Unlocking the Universe

A telescope still cannot answer the biggest questions

The Physicist Genius

Narinder Singh Kapany was an inventor, art collector and entrepreneur whose work transformed information technology

Rocket Science

The curious case of fake NASA geniuses

An Ancient Warning

Coexist with nature, never seek to conquer it

Jerry-Rigging Ways

Jugaad innovation in Indian laboratories

The Blank Canvas

Why fiction has always been in love with the Black Hole

Mind and Machine

Novels that intertwine artificial intelligence with ethics

Why Is the Giraffe’s Neck So Long?

The big and small questions of the natural world

The Tyranny of Coronaphobia

I am concerned that the majority of people can be successfully terrorised into surrendering their individual freedoms, says Ramesh Thakur


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