The Wonders and Woes of Foreign Funds

Shailendra Tyagi

Foreign loans could prove hard to pay back if the rupee crashes

Alas, Someone Has to Pick up the Tab

S&P had many valid reasons to downgrade US sovereign debt, the latest being an ugly political wrangle in Washington DC

The Great Depression That Wasn’t

Why Liaquat Ahamed does not want his book on this grim phase of history overinterpreted

Contrarian Cash

Michael Lewis on the oddballs and wiseguys who saw America’s financial crisis coming and made whopping fortunes betting the other way.

Aspersion Syndrome

In casting doubt on US rescue missions, Stiglitz saves economics from autism charges.

Up in the Air

A film focused more on making Clooney look cool than on the psychological impact of recession.

The New Gold Rush

Gold coin peddlers in the US are selling the metal as one of three ways to stave off doom, God and guns being the other two. Rational investors, thankfully, remain calm.

Business Briefing 16/01

Another Sort of Bounce Back; Late Praise for Lalu

How I Loved the Recession

As the world economy slowly recovers, remembering the joyful consequences of last year’s financial crisis.

Business Briefing 26/09

The Bharti-MTN deal; Amul goes to Tanzania; end of the road for FEER


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