Ranveer Singh

Will He Make It on Time?

Rajeev Masand

A Fair Taskmaster | As Good as It Gets

The Art of Keeping Friends Happy

Pairing Up in Bollywood | Left in the Lurch

Fans Come First for Ranveer

Worth a Second Chance? | No Penny-Pinching Here

Fresh Bonds

A Stitch in Time | An Unlikely Pair

Together or Not?

No Fools Allowed | The Lazy Bird Gets the Worm

Work Comes First

Ranveer in Action | In Pursuit of Love

Befikre Review

The movie is the same old mundane, post modern angst about the impossibility of separating love and lust that we have seen in Hindi films over the last few years

Will They, Won’t They?

The ‘Concerned’ Dad | Frenemy Frenzy

An Epic for the Wrong Reasons

Turning Over a New Leaf | Marital Blitz

Jailhouse Rock

Past Perfect | Role Mole


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