Ranveer Singh

Bollywood’s Urban Legends

Kaveree Bamzai

Fiction masquerading as fact

The Elder Statesman?

It won’t be a stretch if Aamir Khan takes on the role that the industry desperately needs at this moment—that of an elder statesman

India Stars In 83

Kabir Khan's movie is faultless as it recreates the era, the cricket and the context

Taapsee’s Fitness Test

Taapsee doesn’t believe in following the conventional feminine prototype of the coy, vulnerable heroine

Sanjay Mishra: An Actor with Character

The world has come to realise just how fine an actor the Darbhanga, Bihar-born Sanjay Mishra is

Ranbir’s Appraisal

Ranbir Kapoor jokes that he’s been shooting epics, not films

Taapsee Pannu: Up and Running

“After not working for all those months during lockdown, it’s a relief to be back on set,” says Taapsee Pannu

Dixit Can Fix It

Madhuri will play an exaggerated version of herself after a long break from the spotlight

Asha Bhosle: Hot Right Now

The celebrated singer is inviting aspiring crooners to record and upload a two-minute video to her website, volunteering a cash prize to the most talented artist


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