Ideology in Black and White

S Prasannarajan

The false morality of the race debate

The United Rage of America

The US has been gripped by its worst social unrest since 1968

They, too, sang America

Four centuries of the African-American journey

Black Lives Matter

Diving into European art history to resurrect a vital and ignored cast of characters

The Victim Politics

Politics driven by industrial victimhood is hollow

Open Diary

Enoch Powell has been condemned less for what he said than how he said it

Politics on a Pedestal

A deconstruction of the statue culture

Marked out in a Merciless Village

The culture of hate in an ignorant, intolerant India

The Nonentity

A day in the life of a Manipuri girl in Delhi

A Racist Comedy of Errors

If the slurs against Miss America were because Americans thought she was an Arab, why are Indians getting upset?


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