What a Tragedy

Swapan Dasgupta

That some of India’s deracinated elite are trying to inject wokeism into our land

Naipaul Under the Woke Gaze

Why we should read what he had to say

Race and Rishi

The compulsion of multiculturalism

Ashok Ferrey: Our Fathers in Heaven

Ashok Ferrey’s new book captures Sri Lankans at home and abroad. The author tells Antara Raghavan about the persistence of grief and the art of construction

The Liberal Dilemma

Is there something missing in how White progressives understand race?

A Referendum on Trump: Will the Base Hold?

Donald Trump gets a reality check four months before the presidential election

Racism in Sport

Beneath a tolerant façade, there are layers of prejudice based on culture and colour

A Brief History of Wokeism

From a word used to denote awakening against racism, it morphed into an extremist ideology of justice against all majority oppressions, intermittently tasting power in the real world


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