The ‘Regime’ Egyptians Really Want


A Pew Research survey in mid-2010 examined Egyptian Muslims’ views on politics and the role Islam should play in it. The findings are revealing.

“A jihad for the right to love who you want”

A Jihad For Love, a courageous documentary about homosexual Muslims, shot furtively by an Indian filmmaker, is sending shock waves around the globe.

Maya Plays with Fire

The BSP leader’s latest effort to woo Muslims as part of her new electoral formula is raising the communal temperature in UP.

Karma Chameleons

Believe it or not, Raj Thackeray’s MNS is wooing Muslims in Maharashtra even as it attacks Hindi speaking leaders like Abu Azmi. The party spies votes in yet another divide—and Bal Thackeray’s Shiv Sena seems ready to follow suit

Rahul’s Muslim and Dalit Connect

The minority report on the man is also fairly upbeat. More than half the Muslims and Dalits polled in the survey feel Rahul is batting for them.

Upstate Surprise

The Congress is now a contender for power


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