Modi’s Doosra

Rajeev Deshpande

In what could be a pivotal moment in the election, PM links Congress’s redistribution stance to its pursuit of quotas for Muslims at the cost of OBCs

Who Is a Minority?

The fallacies of the diversity debate

In It Together

Israeli Muslims are standing by Jews for the first time

The Long Road to a Uniform Civil Code

A lack of political will to undo a colonial legacy has been the biggest obstacle

One Nation, One Civil Law

The Uniform Civil Code will have a liberating effect on the Muslim community. Only the clerics need to fear

Ghost of the Past

A tale of how one horrific incident can echo through a life

A Continuing Indignity

A survey of Muslim women reveals the toll of polygamy and makes a case for making it illegal like triple talaq

Critical Mass of Urdu Speakers

Urdu’s importance has been declining steadily since a mass of Urdu speakers and writers migrated to Pakistan from northern India and the erstwhile Hyderabad state after Partition

A Whiff of Deradicalisation

The new liberal voices that speak of a different freedom in Kashmir

The Seed of Communalism

Jinnah became even more bitter as Gandhi gained in stature


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