Ghost of the Past

Joseph Antony

A tale of how one horrific incident can echo through a life

A Continuing Indignity

A survey of Muslim women reveals the toll of polygamy and makes a case for making it illegal like triple talaq

Critical Mass of Urdu Speakers

Urdu’s importance has been declining steadily since a mass of Urdu speakers and writers migrated to Pakistan from northern India and the erstwhile Hyderabad state after Partition

A Whiff of Deradicalisation

The new liberal voices that speak of a different freedom in Kashmir

The Seed of Communalism

Jinnah became even more bitter as Gandhi gained in stature

Hate Wave in the Capital

Has Delhi become a communal tinderbox?

Tragicomedy Times

A satirical play uses fantasy to tell of today’s faultlines

The No-Go Zones of Assam

Behind the narrative of a rightwing government mistreating Muslims lies the reality of both indigenous Hindus and Muslims suffering at the hands of illegal immigrants

‘Ours is not a battle with a communal agenda. It’s about the desire of a civilisation to survive‘

Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of Assam, in conversation with Siddharth Singh

It’s God’s Gold, Sorry

No government has the right to take away what’s given to the deity


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