Mamata Banerjee

No to the Bungalow

Jayanta Ghosal

New God on the Block | Birthday Notes | Foreign Interest | The Governor Question | Medical Touch

Saffron Star Over Bengal

What will Syama Prasad Mookerjee make of his home state today?

Power Dressing

The X Factor | Options Open | Rally Politics | Enemy’s Enemy | Post-Count Strategy | Via Old Guards

Doctor on Call

His Master’s Voice | Less Colour | Spy Game | Shooting Star | Voice Protection | No to Bengal | Aurobindo Connection | Enter Computer Baba

Modi’s Seshan

Call of the Slogan | Selfie at the Ghat | Kinetic Patnaik | The Sulks | Didi’s Hindutva | Migrant Vote | Faux Film

Modi’s Point Person

Old Guard Math | Unseen Together | Rajya Sabha Runaround | Family Agony | Campaign Capsule | Biding Her Time | Common Ground

On the Fake News Trail

The Show Must Go On | Prison Break | Enemy of My Enemy | Tears for Votes | Surprise First Visitor | A Paramilitary Question

Didi & Didis

The new gender renaissance in Bengal politics has a rich backstory

No Time for Abu Dhabi

Image Consultants | A Historic Turn | Rahul’s Economist | Priyanka’s Space | Calling on the Old Guard | Didi Does Care

Will its Hindu revivalist past haunt West Bengal’s future?

Ullekh NP travels across a state where the social base of one of India’s strongest regional leaders faces the challenge of subterranean Hindutva


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