Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

The London attack, the jargonised prose of academia and the Ireland’s new Prime Minister

Anish Kapoor: My Name is Red

Anish Kapoor’s new show in London is a visceral exploration of the internal human body in its most vulnerable state

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai commuters left in the lurch

Open Diary

The Queen's reception, hazards of flying Air India, and the omnipresent desi diaspora

In Good Company

Attending the English classes at Cambridge

Baptist Coelho: Strokes of Conflict

Indian artist Baptist Coelho’s art is not a simple critique of war, but a compassionate understanding of the mechanics behind it

Who Will Win the Booker?

With three men and three women on the list, and with ages ranging from 35 (Ottessa Moshfegh) to 57 (Deborah Levy) the Man Booker shortlist appears to be unusually balanced.

London’s First Muslim Mayor: Khan and the Colour Quotient

The election of London’s first Muslim Mayor and race and politics in Britain


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