An English Sense of Ending

S Prasannarajan

The magic of Mark Rylance and the fading of Shakespeare

A Summer of Bewilderment

The Indian takeover of London is complete

Call of the Muezzin

A brief history of London’s Regent’s Park Mosque

Letter from a Desolate London

Sorry Mr Menon, it’s not your city any longer

The Indian Stitch & Style

Bespoke luxury suits and shirts with Indian origins

Ebrahim Alkazi: The Canvas of a Polymath

The forgotten paintings of Ebrahim Alkazi

Student Supplicant Politician Statesman

London played both active and passive roles in Gandhi’s life. It was where he became a man and a lawyer, and where he first played high-stakes politics. British law shaped him; the orderly part of his system was based squarely on the idea of staying within the law, and expecting your opponents to do the same

Rushdie’s Quest

Cervantes gets a worthy successor

Capitalism and the Fall of Man

Two plays and one big message from London

A South Asian Summer in London

Khushwant Singh and other festival delights and diversions


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