Yuvraj Singh: True Grit

Lhendup G Bhutia

One of India’s finest sportsmen who battled without fear on the field and against cancer

Alexander the (Likely) Great

Alexander Zverev has now become the leader of the newest chasing pack, one that promises to do what many lost generations couldn’t—make tennis a young man’s sport again

Open Diary

London books shops, Abir Mukherjee’s crime fiction and a sense of history

London Notebook

The sculptures of Trafalgar Square

Meltdown in London

It’s an absurd spectacle of democracy when the losers march for a vote on a vote

London Notebook

A royal tryst with the paparazzi and a theatre experience to write home about

The Man Who Gave Us Wings

A requiem for the travel agent

Rise, Ladies

The struggle behind the female vote in Britain

Narendra Modi at Westminster

Why shouldn’t the next Head of the Commonwealth be an Indian?


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