Legal Landscape

Madhavankutty Pillai

Zia Mody’s 10 Judgements That Changed India offers a quick and succinct, if somewhat dry, insight into India’s judicial journey

If Only Khurshid Would Focus on Work

The UPA’s law ministers get a big ‘F’ in fixing the country’s broken judicial system

Of Natural Wealth and Auctions

The Judiciary’s point about sharing natural resources equitably is welcome, but auctions need not necessarily serve India’s ‘common good’

Some Consistency Please, Your Honours

Why can’t the Judiciary apply to itself the standards by which it judges the CVC case?

India This Week

Restoring Lost Order in the Courts; How Deep is Your Prejudice?

The Other Headlines and Battles

…that women in India will have to fight outside Parliament and the armed forces.

Cloak and Stagger

The effort to enforce accountability upon India’s Judiciary is in danger of stalling. A look at what’s taking so awfully long.


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