The X Files

Suresh Bangara

A first-rate thriller from our military history

The Spy Who Survived

The untold story of Sergei Skripal

‘We need a book of the times we’re living in’

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark tell Shikha Kumar about the research for their bestselling book on Osama bin Laden. A film is in the making

The Spy Who Came From the Cold

The story of Bhagat Ram Talwar is a valuable addition to the literature on intelligence operations

The Myth of the IQ Test

Measuring one’s intelligence through a standardised test is misleading, says yet another study

The Indian Search for Extraterrestrials

…or the story of life’s origins

Our Shrinking Brains

That it is happening is not in doubt. The implications, though, are far from clear

Original Scripts, Please?

Bollywood’s descent into blatant plagiarism and its utter disregard of the audience’s intelligence is worrisome

Confessions of an Intelligence Officer

“Criminals will do anything to compromise a good officer. These days, they call TV channels, even help them do stings.”

Still Sitting Ducks

How long do we go on congratulating ourselves for our resilience? Can we ever hit back at terror? Our intelligence and response systems are still in disarray, our shores remain extremely porous. India needs to get its act together very quickly


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