Indira Gandhi

Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

The liberal intelligentsia and Indira Gandhi’s infamous Emergency

The Man Behind Indira

The wise counsel of PN Haksar

The Great Indian Rope Trick

As the Opposition looks to replicate past triumphs, history will likely repeat, but not the way it expects


Journalists under pressure and candidates wooing voters

The Anatomy of Power

Srinath Raghavan’s new book is a richly textured study of America’s footprints on South Asia

Ganging Up On Modi

A ragtag opposition front may turn out to be a blessing for the Prime Minister in 2019

Everything Has Changed

Modi is the change India is yet to comprehend fully

Power Portrait

A graphic tribute to Indira Gandhi

Speak, Memory

Where the political is the personal

A Hanging in History

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as the progressive Islamist


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