Indira Gandhi

The Anatomy of Power

TCA Raghavan

Srinath Raghavan’s new book is a richly textured study of America’s footprints on South Asia

Ganging Up On Modi

A ragtag opposition front may turn out to be a blessing for the Prime Minister in 2019

Everything Has Changed

Modi is the change India is yet to comprehend fully

Power Portrait

A graphic tribute to Indira Gandhi

Speak, Memory

Where the political is the personal

A Hanging in History

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as the progressive Islamist

Oh Woe is Me!

A political memoir where the sting is the tale

Across the Line

A richly rewarding portrait of the subcontinent through personal stories

Kashmir’s Autonomy: The Valley of Flaws

The question of Kashmir’s autonomy has become a poisoned chalice


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