Indira Gandhi

Natural Instincts

Prabha Chandran

The greening of Indira Gandhi

Open Diary

Being misinterpreted on Bihar, my friends from La Martiniere and overdone political correctness


The Emergency, its victims and TV news anchors today

The Original Mrs G

A portrait of Indira Gandhi as a strong leader and formidable woman

Sir Harold Evans: ‘The decline of the printed newspaper is a great loss for English’

Former editor of The Sunday Times and author of, most recently, Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why Writing Well Matters

We Want No Caesars

What Indian politicians can learn from Shakespeare’s play

Fixing the Jugaad Economy

The Modi Government is taking a huge political gamble in trying to transform India’s financial system

Post-Truth and Indian Politics

It gets worse before it gets better

An Enduring Enigma

This is a necessary book about a neglected man, and it’s all the more creditable that a foreigner should have taken the trouble to write it

Farewell Fidel

The Communist who made history after the end of history


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