Indira Gandhi

The Last of Them

PR Ramesh

Why certain surnames are no longer an asset in indian politics

Desperately Dynasties

The question of Bengal 2024: From the mountain to the sea, who shall it be?

The Key to Katchatheevu

The way out of the dispute is the separation of fishing rights and questions of sovereignty

The Electoral Carnival

Narendra Modi’s third shy at India’s topmost political job

Withering Away

The redundancy of the Dynasty and the trial of the Nehruvian legacy

Rahul Gandhi’s Photo-Ops

How the growing up process of the 53-year-old Congress princeling remains incomplete

India as a ‘soft state’

The citizens of Nehruvian and post-Nehruvian India often attempted to justify their vulnerability by claiming to be preoccupied with loftier things

One Vote for One Nation That Is Bharat

By the way, were Indira and Nehru anti-federal because they held all elections on a single day?

Resilient Republic

India as an enduring story of democracy

A Muslim PM

Why it’s unlikely in the near future


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