Indian society

Unfair and Less Lovely

Madhavankutty Pillai

The association of fair skin with beauty is ingrained in Indian society for thousands of years. People want what they want

Our Lives Matter

Efforts to instigate social conflicts have failed because of the resolve of Indian society to uphold inclusiveness

The Future is Now

Samit Basu’s dystopian novel cleverly blurs the line between fact and fiction

Truth-Finding Mission

A gripping reportage of love and the politics of hate

A Class Apart

The future of India too will be written by its middle class

Death of the Hero

And the virtues of collective action

The Good Fight

The uphill battle for women's rights

Many Men

Gautam Malkani gives us a psychodrama that is both domestic and existential

Bigg Boss Is a Small Picture of India

Bigg Boss has been quite ahead of the curve in depicting minorities of all kinds


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