Indian society

The Invisible Other

Kaveree Bamzai

What makes us who we are? Increasingly in popular culture it is who we are opposed to

The Bloodlust

Short stories on the violence of big and small kinds

Jerry-Rigging Ways

Jugaad innovation in Indian laboratories

Hathras and the Politics of Denial

In the country she lived, it was her life, lower and insignificant, that was the crime waiting to be punished

The Art of Conversation

Prohibiting any discussion on coronavirus

Muscle Power

Bodybuilding and middle-class aspirations

Ecological Swaraj

Restoring health and beauty to our relationship with the natural world

The Gandhi Purana

The metaphysical boldness of Raja Rao’s portrait of the Mahatma

Who Exactly is the ‘Other’?

A swift tour of India’s memorable cultural trends in literature and movies

The Legend of Nangeli

She cut off her breasts to kill the male gaze


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