Indian society

Karmic Calcutta

Nandini Nair

Baltazard Solvyns’ etchings provide an encyclopaedic view of early life in Bengal

Portraits of Empowerment

Lakshmi, artisan | Saira, homemaker | Thippamma, housekeeper

Travels through Time

A daughter’s quest for her mother in Delhi

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay: A Different Feminist

Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay’s life reflects the story of modern India

The Age of Manxiety

The urban shift from patriarchy to masculinity has elevated self-made men but also increased their sense of vulnerability

Anatomy of a Scandal

When village gossip turns into vigilantism

Beyond the Animal

The reprieve of Beta males in a sea of Alpha males

Love As Resistance

A new series captures real-life love stories in India across cultures, castes and religions

It’s Cool to Be a Hindu

A young breed of social media influencers is on a cultural mission

One Nation, One Law

Uttarakhand’s uniform civil code aims to introduce the same provisions for marriage, divorce and succession for all communities and reduce the divisiveness inherent in different personal laws


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