Cruisin’ in the Park

Dilip D'Souza

For years without end, a gay man lives out a second life, hidden from his wife. This author finds a hero in a ‘perfectly ordinary-looking’ guy with slicked back hair and a ready smile.

“A jihad for the right to love who you want”

A Jihad For Love, a courageous documentary about homosexual Muslims, shot furtively by an Indian filmmaker, is sending shock waves around the globe.

Manufactured Silence

Why did Aligarh Muslim University’s students and teachers not raise their voice when a professor was publicly humiliated for being gay? He is dead now. And we need an answer.


...may have prospered through the attention early gay men lavished on their nephews and nieces.

Is He Gay, Is He Not?

The ‘wrong door’ thesis is gossip du jour in hip, urban circles. It’s the adult-rated version of picking daisies.

Gay Teens, Rising

Even the most liberal parents are finding it difficult to consider the possibility that their child may be gay

Where Men are from Venus

The Delhi HC has said men who have consensual sex with men are not criminals anymore. But at Love Life Society, a network of HIV positive homosexual men, liberation means much more

A Fine Balance

Bobby is a 32-year-old man who feels like a woman. Here, he talks about what he went through to be both, and still come out happy


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