India’s Lavender Revolution

Ullekh NP

Millennials and GenZs lead from the front to call out homophobia as a colonial hangover

The Malabar Male

The truth about northern Kerala’s homoeroticism

Facing up to the Forbidden

The novelist Nemat Sadat tells Bhavya Dore about the travails of coming out as a gay man in Afghanistan

Man Against the System

Jayan Cherian is no stranger to controversy, he tells Shahina KK about the challenges of releasing his film on a gay love story

India 2018: A Love Story

The lives and loves of Indian gay couples after the freedom verdict

Comfort In Anonymity

For socially and economically disadvantaged queers in conservative Chennai, the quest for personal freedom and dignity does not end with the judgment on Section 377

Tyranny of the Majority

Why it takes society decades to remove a bad law

Sexual Choice in Hindu Tradition

With our technical 'superiority' we are too dishonest with ourselves to admit what nature in profusion shows all around us

Vandana Kataria: Social Realism

Vandana Kataria makes a Shakespearean tragedy out of bullying in her new film


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