The Value of History

Amartya Sen

There is a lot that Bihar can learn from its glorious past to solve problems currently plaguing the state

Life and Letters in the Mughal Empire

Mughal history is so much more interesting when seen through the art and literature patronised and inspired by the emperors

US Presidential Election Debates

Lincoln followed Douglas on his campaign trail, goading him from the audience

Nayar’s Believe It or Not

Kuldip Nayar’s memoirs, really a personalised history of contemporary India, are a good read. But his apologies and retractions since its publication do justice neither to his book nor his reputation as a journalist

Caught in the Act

A dispassionate history of sex and the powerful mythologies that have surrounded it down the ages

Radio Resurgence

The director of the British Museum managed to draw 18 million people away from their tellies, enticing them back to the radio. Here’s how

Scent of History

World cuisine may take you places. But reminders of the past and our own nativity lie in foods which are sadly being fast forgotten.

Weird Indian Jobs

Presenting seven Indian jobs that you would not have believed existed.

Tome Team

Diana Preston on writing Mughal thrillers with her husband, the fun of pseudonyms and ethics of fictionalising history.

A Family Album of India

Anusha Yadav seeks to document India’s social history using family archives with the Indian Memory Project.


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