The Philosopher Who Would Be King

Siddharth Singh

It is hard not to think that India would have been a very different country under Dara Shukoh

Hastinapur Calling

Our collective memory should not come in the way of history

An Age of Upheaval and Liberation

A return to the turbulent 1960s at the beginning of a new decade

A History of Forking Paths

The countdown to the post-post-World War II age has begun

A Magical Mystery Tour of Rome

The many myths of the historical Italian capital

A Courtesan’s Tale

A journalistic exercise on tawaifs, which also provides a history of sexuality, secularism and ‘propriety’ in India

Men who Ruled Rome

A fascinating history from Augustus to Constantine

A New Nepal Terracotta Tablet Predates Mahabharata to Harappa Culture

The terracotta plaque represents Krishna and Arjuna in the epic battle

The Malabar Angle

A singular fight against the Empire

Women’s Day

For long relegated to the sidelines, heroines in history and mythology are taking centrestage in literature


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