History without Humility

Keerthik Sasidharan

Intellectuals and the Indian past

On Her Own Terms

An autobiography of lived freedoms

Banana Republic, Richard II and Tughlaq

Hopefully, the US will redeem itself under Biden

The Sword And The Stylus

The Baburnama, one of the greatest memoirs in any language and of any age, is a testament to humanity in which the personal becomes universal

Babur’s Soul

The Mughal emperor not only established an extraordinary dynasty and set the tone for their future political, economic, aesthetic and humanistic triumphs, he also produced one of the most fascinating autobiographies ever written to record exactly how he did it

An American Tragedy

Have they lost faith and trust in the elected class?

Putting Tibet Back in Focus

Historian Claude Arpi goes beyond the British and Chinese narratives to examine older ties between India and the region

The Nuts and Bolts of History

A timely examination of the microfoundations of big political events

The Awakening

The Ram temple offers itself as an opportunity for a new generation to think for themselves about this wave of history and faith that has washed in, sweeping away a great amount of historical angst and refuse


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