Maratha Power

Swapan Dasgupta

Uday Kulkarni has single-handedly rescued history from the abdication of responsibilities by professional historians

The Architecture of Atonement

What Germany could teach Pakistan about admitting genocide

Who Are We?

The past as a permanent struggle

The World Has a Ball

We could learn something from football. Break the law and there will be a stern penalty. That keeps the game credible

“Popular” History

There is a thriving market in history books

Memory as Metaphor

Magic realism meets history in this retelling of Bangladesh’s origins

Delhi to Hyderabad

A historical novel traces how the nizam’s state acceded to India

Ram Setu: The Shallow Sea Bridge

The underwater land strip between India and Sri Lanka shuffles between myth, history, commerce and, now, Bollywood

The Revision Fetish

Does renaming streets or demolishing statues redeem history?

Dustbins of History

What is deemed enormously significant at a particular time doesn’t necessarily stand the test of time


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