Revisionist History

Swapan Dasgupta

History is devoid of meaning if the context is taken out of events

Prashant Bose: The Man Who Saw Thunder In Autumn

Retracing the steps of Prashant Bose, India’s oldest surviving Maoist leader

Murder In The Madras Zoo

A beastly tale from World War II

Water Kingdoms

Indo-Roman ocean trade told through the stories of patricians and plebeians

The Banality of Comparative Evil

Desperately seeking the sword of Hindutva

Akash Kapur: A Sceptic’s Faith

Akash Kapur’s nonfiction book tells of the quest for utopia in Auroville. He speaks to Nandini Nair about writing history without judgement and the impossibility of an ideal world

The Pursuits of the Past

A problematic passage to the national soul

Why is Bollywood like this only?

A deep dive into the structure of Hindi cinema

An Objective History

Vidya Dehejia’s chosen artefacts relive the past, speak to the present, and occasionally portend the future

The Limits of Leadership

Is the role of the individual in history overestimated?


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