The Nuts and Bolts of History

Siddharth Singh

A timely examination of the microfoundations of big political events

The Awakening

The Ram temple offers itself as an opportunity for a new generation to think for themselves about this wave of history and faith that has washed in, sweeping away a great amount of historical angst and refuse

Covid-19: The Reckoning

The shock of Covid-19 resulted from our cultural amnesia about past pandemics

Politics in Past Tense

The window Spike Lee opens in Da 5 Bloods gives America a vantage point to view the burning streets from a culturally correct angle

They, too, sang America

Four centuries of the African-American journey

Istanbul: Lost in Shifting Shadows

A city caught between the heretical seductions of modernity and the atavistic lures of medievalism

A Time for Ecosophy

The Corona Condition is a last gentle warning from the gods

When History Stands Still

Consolations from the trauma-ridden past of India

Questions of Belonging

The Deoliwallahs reminds us that the journey from citizen to foreigner is a short one


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