Garden Variety

Swapna Liddle

The past and present of botanical Delhi

The Playful Past

History lessons can be quite fun

Return to the Roots

Many schools are adding Indian knowledge and culture to their curricula before such subjects become mandatory

The Unravelling of Xi’s Empire

How will a crisis-ridden China affect India's power in the Global South?

Cocooned in Time

A cultural and biological history of silk

The Wall Writes Back

Homelands: A Personal History of Europe | A Kidnapped West | Beyond the Wall: East Germany | The Soviet Century: Archaeology of a Lost World | The Ruble: A Political History

The Lost Dominion

The forgotten United Bengal proposal and its lingering aftertaste

The Cultural Traveller

An awareness of history and a sense of curiosity enrich journeys and make every destination come alive

The Soft and Hard City

A photographer’s personal journey charts Hyderabad’s trajectory

Fictionalising the Cholas

In Ponniyin Selvan II story and history meet seamlessly


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