Rim of Life

A story of the Indian Ocean that goes beyond the usual sword and battlefield narratives of history

Ashutosh Gowariker: A Historic Decline

What has gone wrong with Ashutosh Gowariker?

The Curse of Memory and the Uses of Forgetting

Forget the past and move on. A provocative new book questions the moral superiority of historical memory

Ruchir Sharma: The Globalist

Helping understand the forces governing the economics and politics of countries

William Dalrymple: Living in the Past

Few people carry gravitas and mirth in equal measure. William Dalrymple is one of those exceptions

The Second World War as India’s Other Freedom Struggle

India as the pivot of Asia’s security: Going to war with Srinath Raghavan

Nationalism: What Does 2016 Owe to 1916?

The centenary of the Easter Rising and lessons on the limits of nationalism

Kanishk Tharoor: Past Forward

Kanishk Tharoor creates fiction not from a castle of fancies but from the realm of history

India Through Slogans

The political art of mesmerising the mass mind with minimum usage of words


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