Is it a Wave or a Whirl?

Chinki Sinha

In the hinterland of Haryana, it’s a mix of caste and cult

Waiting for Deliverance

What families in Haryana will do to have a son. A witness’ account

Why Is Hooda Afraid of the CBI?

And why his state Congress government is trying every crooked trick in the book to stall a CBI inquiry into charges of largescale corruption brought to light by a whistleblower forest officer

India This Week

A Chinese Takeaway in Madhya Pradesh; Hooda’s Dalit Sympathy Overdrive; Who’ll Come to Beseiged Manipur’s Aid? Shooting the Messenger

Mirchpur: A Dog Story

Two Dalits were torched alive and 18 homes gutted in Hisar, Haryana, apparently over a dog. So what really happened?

Remember That Face

It is hard to forget those who think they can get away with the very worst that humans are capable of.

Beyond Lal and Sons

Remember when Haryana politics was about the many shades of Lal—Devi, Bansi, Bhajan? Now, the sons are trying to ride piggyback on their fathers’ fame, but they are unlikely to find much joy in this election.

Jatland in Chhattisgarh

Yet again settlers from one Indian state have taken over large parts of another’s farmland, altering the farm economy, power equations and social setup.

In the Boy Zone

Open goes looking for Malerna. The village that a recent AIIMS study discovered has 370 females to 1,000 males, an appalling sex ratio


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