The Jat Pivot

Nonica Datta

Haryana’s most politically organised community has shown that it remains central to any electoral mandate in the state


The Modi spell is intact in Maharashtra but Jat anger tilts the balance in Haryana

Normative Journalism

On questioning the transfer of a white elephant and 20,000 phantom sweepers

Scandal-hit Deras: Lost Blessings

Scandal-hit deras are losing their electoral pull in Haryana

Maharashtra: A Foregone Verdict

It’s still Modi’s popularity that makes all the difference

Rahul Gandhi in Hibernation

His only political activity seems to have been visiting his constituency in Kerala twice after the Lok Sabha election

Art and Politics

A politico with a penchant for art, the battle for Delhi and a 'real' suggestion

Khap Panchayat: What’s in a Surname?

A khap panchayat in Haryana fights the stigma of caste

Freedom from Babudom

A technology platform introduced in Haryana is transforming the government’s interface with citizens. Can it be replicated elsewhere in India?

Cause and Effect Mismatch

If crop residue is the main reason for Delhi's pollution, regulating firecrackers won’t help much


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