The Cold Chain Challenge

Shailendra Tyagi

The good news: retail FDI is likely to boost the country’s back-end infrastructure for food items

A meal with Sachin… and then some

Breaking news, and bread, with Indian sports stars

100 Years of Karim’s

The rise and rise of Karimuddin’s unusual business idea

Philips Air Fryer

Here’s how you can fry food with 80 per cent less oil. And no spills or fumes either

And God Made Nihari

It is more than a mere dish. To this gourmet tourist, it is the axis that holds good while everything else is in a swirl

We Walk to Keep Our Hands Free

Also why chimpanzees prefer being on two legs while carrying a scarce resource

Food and the Nation

Fasting, feasting and the politics of food in India

The Raw and the Cooked

Human evolution may have gained much from the extra energy cooking made available

The Pakoda Parallels

No matter how distinctive our regional cuisines, we are more like each other than we know

Find the Rich, Feed the Poor

According to the Economic Survey, 40-55 per cent of PDS stocks are diverted to the open market


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