Farah Khan

Sen and Sensibility

Rajeev Masand

Sushmita, who has been on a hiatus from acting for some years, will now return to the screen

Family at Work

Farah’s Bet | She Who Cannot, Marries

A Case of Misguided Contempt

Politically Incorrect | The Party Ends for Ms Moneybags

All in a Week’s Work

Ed Sheeran Meets Bollywood | Cold War in the Studio

The Frenemies Say Cheese

Not Selling Themselves Short • All for That Distinct Shade of Red

A Family in Motion

What’s to Hide? • A Condescending Friend

Beyond Money and Masala

Look Who’s off to Toronto • Just Not Discreet Enough

Happy New Year

Even if you ignore the inane antics of an ageing star, this film is too sneery by half

Dr Smart Aleck Fails to Impress

Of Misses and Regrets • Not Really a Family Man

Life without Children

Life without Children • No Time for Hollywood • Salvaging Her Reputation


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