The Enigma of Krishna

Bibek Debroy

The origins and message of the Pandava Gita

The Force of Destiny

When Yudhishthira enlightened his brothers on duty and action

Reimagining the Gita

The limits of reading it as an independent text

The Sovereign Condition

Raj Dharma is all about the rule of law

A Dirge for Desire

The many Gitas of the Mahabharata

The Power of Pursuit

Freedom is the ultimate reward of yoga

Who’s a Free Man?

Revelations from the karmic evolution of life

The Original Existential Hero

We stay with Rama-the-human because of his resemblance to us

Return to the Ideal City

There was no room for falsities in the welfare state of Rama as depicted in the epic

The Ideal King

How the Pandavas passed the Dharmic test


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