The Unity of Dharma

Amit Majmudar

The exceptionalism of India’s religious history

The Pursuit of Artha

A template for austere affluence

The Divinity of Nageshvara

The boon that protected the dharma of the forest

Yoga and Kshema

Balancing ease of doing business and ease of living

The Aesthetics of Indian Politics II

There’s not a dull moment in the spiciest of subcontinents

An Ancient Warning

Coexist with nature, never seek to conquer it

Redeeming Babasaheb

The demand for our times is a nation-positive Ambedkarism and a Dharma-positive Dalitism

An Epic Challenge

The Mahabharata lives because of the questions it asks

The Theology of Liberation

The Shiva Purana is the key to saving the fallen


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