Missing the Mahatma

Anjuli Kaul

An inquiry into Gandhi’s death fails to put him in the historical context of the Subcontinent

Spring Library

Cyber espionage, bibliophilia in Beirut, the ultimate nature bible—and funny girls

And the Mountain Echoed

A meditation on existence from the shadow of the Himalayas

Peace and the Pachyderm

A modern day tale about the plight of elephants in their battle with humans

Love, Sex and the City

Starcrossed lovers revive Allahabad’s glory days in this charming if dated translation—and the lingering gender debate

The Second Coming

Novelist Kiran Nagarkar’s once-censored play is in print at last, with a fast-paced new screenplay

I’m the Book

In his latest outing, Karl Ove Knausgaard portrays himself as a teenager with literary ambition

The Remains of the Riddle

Medieval England soars and plummets in Ishiguro’s seventh novel, a fantasy tale

Woman in Red

The pulp politics of this book is not all that harmless

Bihari Laddism

Why can’t Patna boys reconcile the mofussil with a new urban India?


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