Fall Fiction

Rajni George

The return of a Latin American literary idol, a Holocaust morality tale, pre-WWI England, stories from the shadowlands, a Victorian saga of closeted lesbians and a gay parallel narrative in seventeenth-century Amsterdam

The New Heroes of MBA Lit

The rise of authors from the IIT/IIM milieu gives Chetan Bhagat’s audience the stories of the homes they adopted and the ones they left behind—in Devanagari

The Booker Shortlist

An art adventure; the American cynic; dystopian love; the Burma Death Railway; a very Bengali tale; and a monkey girl

Turning a new page

It’s transition time in Indian publishing families as a new generation faces a difficult market with daring ideas

7 shades of summer

Madhavankutty Pillai • Gunjeet Sra • Sunaina Kumar • Aastha Atray Banan • Aanchal Bansal • Rajni George • Shaikh Ayaz • Lhendup G Bhutia • and others

The gatherings of the season

From travel and movies to books and food, a collection of all things cool this summer

The replacement thrillers

Who are the new Stieg Larssons? This season’s crime novels are bigger, badder and sometimes better

The man who wrote a poem on a non-meeting

Ranjit Hoskote says anything can be good material for poetry if you can make it work

Books Do Matter. Or Do They?

Reading into the Jaipur Literature Festival

A Graphic Recollection

A recently published anthology of visual narratives of Partition revisits a haunting part of history with mixed results


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