Provocateur’s Remedy

Dhiraj Nayyar

A journalist employs black comedy to highlight all that is wrong with India’s economy

Home Is Elsewhere

One of Sri Lanka’s most compelling voices plays with ideas of displacement

Loose Canon

Shashi Tharoor takes on everything from Modi to the significance of birthdays with his elegant prose, but spreads his umbrella too wide

Reporter’s Notebook

A novel set in a fictitious Bengali village fails to realise its ambitions

Immortal Frenzy

A calligrapher’s vivid account of the friendship between the great mystic Rumi and an itinerant dervish is spun into a masterful novel

The Master and the Neighbour

The best cricket book you will read this year, from Pakistan, outscores a passionate commemoration of the Tendulkar legacy

Pretty Little Liars

A tender, compelling novel-in-stories with a big secret at its heart

Back Together

The biggest bromance in contemporary literary history comes full circle at JLF, as VS Naipaul and Paul Theroux drive out together

“I did not create hot scenes between Sonia Gandhi and the Dalai Lama”

Author Javier Moro on the release of his controversial book, The Red Sari, and why the life of Sonia Gandhi fascinates him

Political Islam is afraid of sex, says Hanif Kureishi

Talking about women's writing and talking about sex may soon be passé, two of today’s sessions suggest


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