Air India

Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

The Queen's reception, hazards of flying Air India, and the omnipresent desi diaspora

Air-India’s Broken Wings

As calls to privatise India’s ‘national carrier’ reach a crescendo, spare a moment to pay some attention to the not-so-obvious economic implications of such a move

Air-India Pilots’ Strike

Despite the merger of Air-India and Indian Airlines, there are still different policies for their pilots

Open Sky Policy: Act IV, Scene 1

So long as taxpayer funded Air India keeps Indian airspace distorted, private carriers will continue to struggle

Business Briefing 06/03

Makings of an Indian Military Establishment; Who Needs Air India?

Crash Test Dummies in Indian Skies

Look at the wreckage that is India’s aviation sector today, and a revival plan assumes urgency. Start by freeing Air India of state control

Business Briefing 03/10

Maharaja’s privy purse; and a pay cut you wouldn’t mind

Wheeling the Worrisome Way

Air India now wants taxpayers’ money to paper over its faults


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