Air India

The Maharajah’s New Clothes

Moinak Mitra

Air India is on the block again. Will it work?

Open Skies and Closed Slots

The trouble with Indian aviation 

The Maharaja’s Swayamvar

And the odd behaviour of Air India's suitors

A Conspiracy of Veggies

Air India, bring back meat or stop serving food on your flights altogether

Pity the Anachronism

Between cultivated bravado and humiliation, the story of Ravindra Gaikwad

Open Diary

The Queen's reception, hazards of flying Air India, and the omnipresent desi diaspora

Air-India’s Broken Wings

As calls to privatise India’s ‘national carrier’ reach a crescendo, spare a moment to pay some attention to the not-so-obvious economic implications of such a move

Air-India Pilots’ Strike

Despite the merger of Air-India and Indian Airlines, there are still different policies for their pilots

Open Sky Policy: Act IV, Scene 1

So long as taxpayer funded Air India keeps Indian airspace distorted, private carriers will continue to struggle

Business Briefing 06/03

Makings of an Indian Military Establishment; Who Needs Air India?


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