Being Boris

S Prasannarajan

Can Boris Johnson play Churchill in the divided kingdom?

Modi Versus Them

The Aesthetics of power

Capitalism and the Fall of Man

Two plays and one big message from London

Churchill and Brexit Ghosts

A letter from London: Boris Johnson is the nearest Churchill Britain can get today

Modi Scene Two: Enter the Alchemist

The rise of Narendra Modi marks a cultural shift in the Right’s management of power

The Socialist Fetish

Forget wealth with welfare. Wealth is welfare

Space Age Nationalist

In Modi’s India, the maximum leader is the most dutiful nationalist who makes the best use of democracy

Modi Versus Not Being Modi

They tell us a lot about how bad the chowkidar is but nothing about how good they are

The Cult of Denial

What unites the doubting liberal and his nationalist nemesis

Enough Said

Being word-weary in the time of Balakot


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