A Pause in My Meteor Showers

Shreevatsa Nevatia

A bipolar patient welcomes the passing of the Mental Health Care Bill in the Rajya Sabha

A Global Warning

Retreating Arctic ice caps, the plight of the polar bears and the question of speciation in a summer of forebodings

Modi Beyond Bad Headlines

Step out of the hellhole of front pages. Out there another India beckons

A Writer Lifts His Block

On the return of Perumal Murugan

Vedic Food for Thought

Eating red meat and reading the Bhagavat Gita

Going Beetroot

Not feeling fruity? Go veg out

The Wreckage Beneath Trumpism

The failure of mainstream conservatism has made the rise of Trump possible. Have the evil-busters ever noticed?

She Who Must Not be Named

When Jayalalithaa ceases to be a noun and becomes a political pronoun

Penguin Odyssey 2016

A brief note on South American penguins from Korea that have touched down in Mumbai


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