The Age of the Kangaroo

Vivek Menon

The marsupial continues to steal the thunder Down Under

The Banality of Change

The Punjab assembly says all about Pakistan’s fate

Modi Versus Them

The Aesthetics of power

The Unwinnable Argument

Why Article 15 comes in unfairly for flak from both upper castes and Dalits

Shiva First

All divinities revel in love and peace - and not on pieces of dead bodies, heaped up to reach a tantalizing heaven

Capitalism and the Fall of Man

Two plays and one big message from London

Dhoni’s Finale

By the end of this World Cup, he might be legend or scapegoat

Mumbai Notebook

‘Small visions’ cost little and do a world of good


On Emergency, media, realtors and Nusrat Jahan


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